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Grifin 101: Start Here

If you have any questions, please read this article first.

Hi! Welcome to Grifin. Our app automatically invests your $1 in the companies where you shop. If you shop at Amazon, you'll automatically buy $1 of Amazon stock.

Who can use Grifin?

Grifin is a great way to start investing, but may not be the right option for everyone. Each week, we will transfer $1 out of your bank account for each purchase you made during the week. If you made 10 purchases this week, we will withdraw $10 from your bank account. The average Grifin user makes 20-30 purchases per week. Below are a few reasons why you may not be able to use Grifin:

  1. You may not be able to pay your bills if you no longer have access to $100. Once you deposit cash into an investment account, it can take 2 weeks to get it back in your bank account. If this would cause a problem for you, you should not use Grifin.

  2. You must be a US Citizen or US Resident. You'll need your SSN or ITIN to sign up and start investing - it's required by US law in order to set up your investment account.

  3. You must be 18 or older. We'll be expanding to include accounts for younger people soon, but we're not there yet.

  4. Capital One does not work. If you try to connect a Capital One bank account or credit card, it will seem like it connected successfully, but it didn't. Capital One prevents companies like Grifin from connecting to your account. The only way to get around it is to connect a different account.

  5. Grifin is currently only available on iOS. This means you can download it on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can sign up for the Android waitlist here.

How does Grifin work?

  1. You connect your credit or debit card to Grifin in order for us to see where you're shopping. Once you shop somewhere, it can take a day or so for us to recognize the transaction and then the process starts from there.

  2. You connect a checking or savings account to put money into your Grifin account to invest. We track your purchases throughout the week, and then each Wednesday, transfer $1 for each purchase from your connected checking account to your investment account.

  3. Once your cash arrives in your investment account, we automatically buy your stock for you. If you shop somewhere that you can't invest in (like your local farmer's market) that $1 will be added to your cash fund.

  4. After you own stock, you can use your cash fund to buy more stock in the places you've shopped. Cash sitting in your account will also earn interest or can be withdrawn back to your bank account. At the moment, you can not turn off the cash-only roundups.

I want to use Grifin, but need to limit how much money it uses.

  1. Limit the amount we withdraw from your bank account on a monthly basis from the Profile page. It's called "Monthly Deposit Limit."

  2. Temporarily stop your account by turning off "Buy Stock Where You Shop" in the Settings page. This will stop the app from investing in any places you shop at AFTER you disable this setting. It will not stop any purchases you have already made on your card.

  3. Skip your upcoming weekly transfer from the Menu page by clicking "skip." This will stop any transfers for transactions you have already made, but will not stop future purchase transactions from going through.

Unfortunately, Grifin isn't for me... how do I close my account or withdraw my money?

You can learn how to disable your account here.