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What is "Adaptive Investing™?"

Defining the unique technology that powers Grifin.

Grifin has created a first-of-its-kind investing technology called Adaptive Investing™. Simply put, it is investing that changes with your lifestyle.
This technology is the engine that makes the Grifin app "go." It makes personalized investments based around you. It is a simplified and refreshing take on investing, and the main thing you need to do to make the most of it, is to live.
Adaptive Investing™ is one of a kind in that it is constantly working to create an investment portfolio that is uniquely personalized to you and your everyday habits; no two investment accounts are ever the same. It is fully automated, always adapting to how you make your purchases and how you adjust your shopping habits, and you have full control on how much you invest.
This technology is inherently built to create healthy habits around the spending that you're already doing; no need to time the market, no need to pick and choose stocks. You have a better understanding of where your money is going with Grifin: through your shopping at certain stores and spending money with certain brands, you not only understand their products, but also invest in them.
Adaptive Investing™ gives Grifin users the ability to forge their own unique investing journey - and to do it with joy - for folks of all ages and all levels of investing experience.