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Why is my cash available for withdrawal less than my cash fund amount?

There are several reasons why your cash available for withdrawal may be less than the total amount in your cash fund. Below are the 3 most common reasons.

  1. Recent Sell Orders - Regulatory requirements dictate a two business day settlement period after shares are sold from your grifin account before we can transfer funds to your bank account.

  2. Recent Deposits - Regulatory requirements dictate a five business day settlement period after new funds have been deposited into your grifin account. This settlement period allows the banks to verify that the transfer has gone through successfully.

  3. Withdrawing to a different funding source - For up to 60 days after a deposit has been made, you will be unable to withdraw the funds to a different bank account than you originally deposited them from. This is a security measure that protects you against fraud. If your original bank account is closed or you are not able to access it, reach out to our support team via the chat bubble in your grifin app settings page. You may be required to verify additional information.

If you have a reason to believe none of the above situations apply to your account, you can reach out to support directly via the chat bubble in your grifin app settings page.

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